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[edit] Welcome to Feminist Wiki

Feminist Wiki was created as a refuge from the white male dominated internet, where the feminist movement and its history will not be distorted, erased, or maligned.

When feminists have attempted to defend their movement and their history on male run sites such as Wikipedia (founded by pornographer Jimmy Wales) or RationalWiki (which is not so rational when it comes to women’s issues) we have been blocked, harassed, or run off by trolls.

Also, far too many "feminist" sites are actually owned and run by men, and promote male interests at the expense of women. These sites include Jezebel, which is owned by Nick Denton of Gawker Media; Bustle, which was founded by Bryan Goldberg; The Frisky, run by CEO Stephen Blackwell; and xojane, owned by male-dominated Time Warner [[1]][[2]]

In the spirit of Meghan Murphy's Feminist Current [[3]], we want Feminist Wiki to be a place where the interests and needs of women are prioritized.

We (unlike male-controlled sites such as Wikipedia and "Rational" Wiki) are honest, and do not pretend to have a Neutral Point of View.

Feminist Wiki was created to serve as an alternative to the white male definition of reality offered by most online sites.

We are not a "gender equality" site. We are a Women's Liberation site. We are devoted to the liberation of all women from male violence, domination, and control. We welcome all contributors to the site who support that agenda.

We do not support the abuse or exploitation of women in any form. For this reason, we support neither the sex trade nor the surrogacy trade.

We do not support the erasure of women as a sex class, or the denial of female biology as an axis of oppression. We are not afraid to refer to issues pertaining to female biology - such as abortion, birth control, pregnancy, and childbirth - as Women's Issues.

[edit] Contributing to the Site

If you would like to contribute to Feminist Wiki, please create an account.

After creating your account, type the title of the article you wish to create in the search box. Press the Go button.

On the page that comes up, a sentence below the search box will say: Create the page "article title(in red)" on this wiki!

Click on the red title of your article and a new page will pop up with the headline Creating: "Article Title"

Create your article in the space provided. When you are satisfied with your article, click the "save page" button on the bottom left of the page. Your article will then go live.

(Any trolling or disrespectful articles will be immediately deleted and the user will be blocked.)

Thank You so much for visiting this site. We hope it will be a great place for you both to learn and to teach others.

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